US Presidents List

White House cartoonWhite House cartoon drawing by Denise Rodgers.

US Presidents List ~ Founding Fathers

The first section of this US Presidents List consists of five of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. These are the men who gathered to plan and fight the Revolutionary War and drafted the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. Without their efforts, the United States would not be what it is today. We start with General George Washington, a man who was so well loved by his new country, that some thought he should be king!

George Washington cartoon.

George Washington Poem

Term: 1789-1797
Born: 1732
Died: 1799
Lived: 67 years
Party: Unaffiliated

John Adams cartoon.

John Adams Poem

Term: 1797-1801
Born: 1735
Died: 1829
Lived: 90 years
Party: Federalist

Thomas Jefferson cartoon

Thomas Jefferson Poem

Term: 1801-1809
Born: 1743
Died: 1826
Lived: 83 years
Party: Democratic Republican

James Madison cartoon

James Madison Poem

Term: 1809-1817
Born: 1751
Died: 1836
Lived: 85 years
Party: Democratic Republican

James Monroe cartoon

James Monroe Poem

Term: 1817-1825
Born: 1758
Died: 1831
Lived: 73 years
Party: Democratic Republican

19th Century US Presidents List

Beyond the Founding Fathers, voters felt comfortable voting for the son of a founding father, John Quincy Adams. And so the list of presidents of United States grew in the 1800s, to include other dedicated, patriotic... and colorful leaders!

John Quincy Adams cartoon

John Quincy Adams Poem

Term: 1825-1829
Born: 1767
Died: 1848
Lived: 80 years
Party: Democratic Republican

Andrew Jackson cartoon

Andrew Jackson Poem

Term: 1829-1837
Born: 1767
Died: 1845
Lived: 78 years
Party: Democrat

Martin Van Buren cartoon

Martin Van Buren Poem

Term: 1837-1841
Born: 1782
Died: 1862
Lived: 79 years
Party: Democrat

William Henry Harrison cartoon

William Henry Harrison Poem

Term: 1841 (died in office)
Born: 1773
Died 1841
Lived: 68 years
Party: Whig

John Tyler cartoon

John Tyler Poem

Term: 1841-1845
Born: 1790
Died: 1862
Lived: 72 years
Party: Unaffiliated

James K Polk cartoon

James K. Polk Poem

Term: 1845-1849
Born: 1795
Died: 1849
Lived: 53 years
Party: Democrat

Zachary Taylor cartoon

Zachary Taylor Poem

Term: 1849-1850
Born: 1784
Died: 1850
Lived: 65 years
Party: Whig

Millard Fillmore cartoon

Millard Fillmore Poem

Term: 1850-1853
Born: 1800
Died: 1874
Lived: 74 years
Party: Whig

Franklin Pierce cartoon

Franklin Pierce Poem

Term: 1853-1857
Born: 1804
Died: 1869
Lived 64 years
Party: Democrat

James Buchanan cartoon

James Buchanan Poem

Term: 1857-1861
Born: 1797
Died: 1868
Lived: 77 years
Party: Democrat

Abraham Lincoln cartoon

Abraham Lincoln Poem

Term: 1861-1865
Born: 1809
Died: 1865
Lived: 56 years ( assassinated)
Party: Republican

Andrew Johnson cartoon

Andrew Johnson Poem

Term: 1865-1869
Born: 1808
Died: 1875
Lived: 66 years
Party: Democrat

Ullyses S Grant cartoon

Ulysses S. Grant Poem

Term: 1869-1877
Born: 1822
Died: 1885
Lived: 63 years
Party: Republican

Rutherford Hayes cartoon

Rutherford Hayes Poem

Term: 1877-1881
Born: 1822
Died: 1893
Lived: 70 years
Party: Republican

James Garfield Poem

Term: 1881-1881 (died in office)
Born: 1831
Died: 1881
Lived: 49 years
Party: Republican

Chester Arthur Poem

Term: 1881-1885
Born: 1829
Died: 1886
Lived: 57 years
Party: Republican

Grover Cleveland Poem #1

First Term: 1885-1889
Born: 1837
Died: 1908
Lived: 71 years
Party: Democrat

Benjamin Harrison Poem

Term: 1889-1893
Born: 1833
Died: 1901
Lived: 67 years
Party: Republican

Grover Cleveland Poem #2

Second Term: 1893-1897
Born: 1837
Died: 1908
Lived: 71 years
Party: Democrat

William McKinley Poem

Term: 1897-1901
Born: 1843
Died: 1901
Lived: 58 years
Party: Republican

20th Century US Presidents List

Now we arrive at the US Presidents list that leads in what is relatively modern times. We start with a young upstart and a totally fun guy, not to mention, one of the four presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore...Theodore Roosevelt. 

Theodore Roosevelt cartoon

Theodore Roosevelt Poem

Term: 1901-1909
Born: 1858
Died: 1919
Lived: 60 years
Party: Republican

William Howard Taft Poem

Term: 1909-1913
Born: 1857
Died: 1930
Lived: 72 years
Party: Republican

Woodrow Wilson Poem

Term: 1913-1921
Born: 1856
Died: 1924
Lived: 67 years
Party: Democrat

Warren Harding Poem

Term: 1913-1923
Born: 1865
Died: 1923
Lived: 57 years
Party: Republican

Calvin Coolidge Poem

Term: 1923-1929
Born: 1872
Died: 1933
Lived: 60 years
Party: Republican

Herbert Hoover Poem

Term: 1929-1933
Born: 1874
Died: 1964
Lived: 90 years
Party: Republican

Franklin D. Roosevelt Poem

Term: 1933-1945
Born: 1882
Died: 1945
Lived: 63 years
Party: Democrat

Harry S. Truman Poem

Term: 1945-1953
Born: 1884
Died: 1972
Lived: 88 years
Party: Democrat

Dwight D. Eisenhower Poem

Term: 1953-1961
Born: 1890
Died: 1969
Lived: 78 years
Party: Republican

John F. Kennedy Poem

Term: 1961-1963 (assassinated)
Born: 1917
Died: 1963
Lived: 46 years
Party: Democrat

Lyndon B. Johnson Poem

Term: 1963-1969
Born: 1908
Died: 1973
Lived: 64 years
Party: Democrat

Richard M. Nixon Poem

Term: 1969-1974
Born: 1913
Died: 1994
Lived: 81 years
Party: Republican

Gerald Ford Poem

Born: 1913
Died: 2006
Party: Republican

James Earl (Jimmy) Carter Poem

Term: 1977-1981
Born: 1924
Party: Democrat

Ronald Reagan Poem

Term: 1981-1989
Born: 1911
Died: 2004
Lived: 93 years
Party: Republican

George H.W. Bush Poem

Term: 1989-1993
Born: 1924
Party: Republican

William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton Poem

Term: 1993-2001
Born: 1946
Party: Democrat

21st Century US Presidents List

Now we enter the names of of presidents, many of whom, like Bill Clinton (above) are still living. This are the presidents of the new millennium. Just as in the case of the change from the Founding Fathers to the 19th Century, voters, once again chose a familiar name and family to lead the country. In this case, it was George W. Bush.

George W. Bush Poem

Term: 2001-2009
Born: 1946
Party: Republican

Barack Obama Poem

Term: 2009-2017
Born: 1961
Party: Democrat

Donald J. Trump Poem

Term: 2017-
Born: 1946
Party: Republican

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