Funny Animal Poems for Kids

Any poem about Noah's Ark is the ultimate choice of animal poems. Check out this poem, below, as well as our page of wild animal poems,  zoo animal poems and poems about our pets. 

Noah's Ark drawing and poem by Denise Rodgers on

Ancient Noah had an ark.
He filled it up by day and dark
with mammals from the local zoo.
They walked the plank up, two by two.

And also, after quite a while,
the lizard and the crocodile,
the ostrich and the spotted owl
and countless types of fancy fowl.

Too bad he also packed some worms,
some flies, some spiders and some germs,
some poison snakes and biting gnats,
(but also friendly dogs and cats).

"Hark, come aboard." He used that phrase
as people talked weird in those days.
(Though far as scholars can distinguish,
we're sure that he did not speak English.

There is one fact that I abhor:
he did not pack one dinosaur
or tiger with a saber tooth.
He plain forgot, that is the truth.

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers

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Painting Zebras, a funny animal poem for kids by Denise Rodgers on

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French poodle, an illustration for French Doodles, a funny dog poem by Denise Rodgers on

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Dog and Pony Show poem by Denise Rodgers on

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Penguin poem and drawing. THE PENGUIN poem by Denise Rodgers on

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