Teacher Poems for the Classroom

parakeet on shoulder

The teacher poems on this page are for your fun and enjoyment. All are written and illustrated by poet Denise Rodgers.

My Teacher Wears a Parakeet
My teacher wears a parakeet.
It sits up on her shoulder.
It makes white splotches on her back,
(but so far, no one’s told her.)

There’s also our class guinea pig
And one magician’s rabbit
Who likes to spend his time in hats
As that’s become his habit.

There’s one big tank of goldfish
And two gerbils in a tub,
An overactive ferret
(who at one time bit a sub).

There’s several small-shelled turtles
And a box with four white mice.
Our teacher lets us feed them if
We’re well behaved and nice.

There’s chirping and there’s scratching
That we hear the whole day through.
I like it ‘cause it feels less like a class
Than like a zoo.

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers

man standing backwards

The Second of Three Teacher Poems

Mr. Wardback, the Sub
Things have changed a little since 
our teacher took a leave.
We have a sub who says weird things
that you would not believe.

His name is Mr. Wardback,
and now nothing’s quite the same.
He greeted us and bellowed,
“Wardback Mr. is my name.”

When it’s time for recess,
he very calmly sits
And points up to the wall clock saying,
“Recess time for it’s.”

Every night there’s homework, 
and come morning his command
as he stand by the blackboard is, 
“In homework please your hand.”

When our class gets noisy,
Mr. Wardback makes a plea.
He blows a whistle, stomps his foot,
says, “Class, quiet be!”

I’d send him home each morning
if I only had the power.
But what I really want is 
“Please school back come teacher our!”

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers

Werewolf in shirt and tie

The Third of Three Teacher Poems

Our Teacher is a Werewolf
Our teacher is a werewolf
and his hands get very hairy.
Until I got the hang of it
I thought he was so scary.

Every time the month begin
he howls at the moon.
Our class has learned to join right in;
we’re kind of out of tune. 

He likes to read us stories 
about Riding Hood. Or Pigs.
(The three of them were really wrong
unless our teacher fibs.)

Sometimes he is shaven.
Sometimes he has fur.
Sometimes he says, “Sit down, class!”
And sometimes, he says, “Grrrrr!”

I think I’ll learn a lot this year.
Our teacher’s kind of cool.
The fact that he’s a werewolf 
makes him special at our school.

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers

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