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Classroom Poems for School

Classroom poems live here! Click on the picture above for a page of school poems. The best thing about classroom poems is that they are a fun and painless way to add literature to your curriculum. We have many pages of school poems as well as simple poetry lessons.

Classroom Poems about Teachers

Did you ever have  fun teacher that kept pets in the classroom? Or a strange sub that didn't know up from down (or front from back)? How about an even stranger teacher that made you worry that he just might be a werewolf? For a little bit of fun, check out these teacher  poems. 

Teacher with parakeet drawing

How to Write a Classroom Poem

The best classroom poems are those written by students. Budding young poets often get their first taste of poetry in the classroom. Click on the picture above for links to all you need to teach poetry in the classroom.

Poetry pen and paper.

Do you want to teach your students to read and appreciate poems? Go to LimericksHaiku, and Cinquains. Learn about BalladsAcrostics and Couplets. Engage your students by playing with words with in other ways than Rhyme. Learn about AlliterationPersonificationMetaphors, and Similes. If  you're so inclined, there are many pages of Poetry Lessons to help you get started. Have fun! Click around and start exploring. Keep in mind that poems are short and, for that reason, possibly the least intimidating form of literature for young students.

Classroom Poems for the Holidays

Holiday Poems

Click on the picture above for your gateway to Holiday Poems for kids. In this site you will find birthday rhymes, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day poems, , Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day poems, and so many more. Don't forget Get Well Poems and Thank You poems. When someone has done a kindness or given a gift, encourage your students to say 'thank you' with a handwritten poem. They are a thoughtful, inexpensive, and very appreciated way to express gratitude. Check out the navigation bar, or the links on this page to find exactly what you need for your students!

Classroom Poems about the US Presidents

White House drawing

Click the picture above for a page that links to a poem for every president of the United States, from George Washington to the present. 

Short Funny Poems for Kids

cocker spaniel drawing

Of course, there may be a very simple reason you’re at this site. You want to enjoy some funny poems! Just because (which is a good enough reason itself). There are school poemsshort poems, kids’ poems, poems about food, family, animals, Michigan (my home state), twisted and odd people, and much, much more! Just go to the Funny Poems section and have at it — and have fun, because that’s what it’s all about.

All the classroom poems on this site are yours to share for personal use. However, if you'd like to republish the poems or art on another web site, in print, or for any commercial purpose, please contact us for Permissions.

All best,
Denise Rodgers

PS: Look at the masthead at the top of each page, or read our About page that lists all the places my poems have been published. If you'd like to own one of my books, they are available here. Or go to our Michigan poetry book page. 

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