Couplet Poems

Couplet poems, or couplet poetry, are poems comprised of two rhyming lines of verse. They can be as short as one couplet (two lines), or as long as it takes to tell the poem. While it might sound easier to write just two-line poems, this is not always the case. The shorter the poem, the more impact there must be on every word used.

Two-Line Couplet Poetry

Here are a few examples these poems. The first, Silly Sally, can be found on page 21 of my first book, A Little Bit of Nonsense.

Silly Sally
When Silly Sally irons her clothes, they come out looking awful.
She did not read the label and her iron was meant to waffle.

by Denise Rodgers
Copyright© Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved
Art by Julie Martin

You could break up the two lines into four (as it was done in the book), but in essence, this poem and the next both are two-line couplets. Sudden Baldness, the second example is on the same page in the Nonsense book.

Sudden Baldness
"Oh my!" the portly gent called out. "I cannot find my hair.
I washed and put it out to dry, and now it isn't there!"

by Denise Rodgers
Copyright© Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved

Multiple-Line Couplet Poems

My personal classic, Slicing Salami, in on page eight of A Little Bit of Nonsense. It's my classic because it was published in The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury, Random House, BEFORE it was published in my own book. Quite an honor! It's also my personal classic because I perform this poem every time I visit a school.

Slicing Salami

The strangest strange stranger I've me in my life
was the man who made use of his nose as a knife.
He's slice up salami, tomatoes and cheese
at the tip of his nose with phenomenal ease.

He'd buy food in bulk at incredible prices
and then use his nose to reduce it to slices.
His wife ran away and I know that he'll miss her.
The woman was frightened that one day he'd kiss her!

by Denise Rodgers

Copyright© Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved
Art by Julie Martin

Another one of my favorites from A Little Bit of Nonsense is also a multi-line couplet poem (12 lines, six couplets). It is a fun play on words. Words are an inexpensive, and extremely fun, play thing.

Goose and Moose
It's hard to tell just what a goose
will have in common with a moose.
Or better yet, just what three geese
will have in common with three meese.
(Is that the plural for a mouse?
Is grice the plural for three grouse?)
I'll say this once, I'll say this thrice,
the plural for a moose is mice,
or plural for three mice is meeses.
I think that I may fall to pieces.
I feel my dizzy state increase
about the mice, the grice and geese.

by Denise Rodgers

Copyright© Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved
Art by Julie Martin

I hope this page has sufficiently explained
what a couplet (and a couplet poem) exactly is.

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