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Poem of the Week

It's my personal challenge to provide a fun Poem of the Week --- obviously, each and every week.  The topics will vary by season, and with 52 poems each year, also by my mood and choice. I hope you enjoy every entry. 

Poem of the Week: Under the Tree

A Christmas Poem for Kids featured on the Poem of the Week page, by Denise Rodgers on

It's that time of year when Christmas trees bring out the curiosity and imagination of young children. Check out this poem and other Christmas poems. And don't forget to browse around other poems to enjoy this season and always. 

Poem of the Week: Toilets On the Road

A Rushing Toilet Poem on the Poem of the Week page by Denise Rodgers on

This poem was originally written, years ago, while I was doing a poetry presentation in Oakland County, Michigan. It was actually written in my head while I was occupied in the public restroom and getting rushed (assaulted) by the automatically flushing toilet. I am entering this poem of the week during Thanksgiving weekend when I've been "rushed" once again, by the toilets on the road. I'm sure I'm not alone in finding this to be as annoying as it is noticeable. : ) Please enjoy the poem!

Poem of the Week: Repetition in Poetry

THE WIND WAS WILD, a poem using repetition, by Denise Rodgers on

Listen to the repetition of the sounds and the rhythm in this poem (especially the full version of it, below). Repetition can be as powerful a device as rhyme. Used with rhyme it can make for a very satisfying poem. Go to Repetition in Poetry for more examples of this poetic device. Below please find the full text:

The wind was wild, the wind was stout.
It blew my bedroom window out.
it blew my clothes around the street.
it swirled around my head and feet.
And after all was said and done,
it flew me quickly towards the sun,
up through the sky and out to space.
I felt a smile across my face.
I circled ‘round the moon and then
I headed toward the sun again,
past asteroids and space debris,
past Venus, then past mercury.
I reached the sun and on the spot I turned around –
it was too hot!
I landed quickly in my bed.
My mother came inside and said,
“Get off that bed and clean this mess!”
Her face showed signs of pure distress.
Outside the blustery wind still blew.
Oh, if she knew. Oh, if she knew.

by Denise Rodgers
Copyright ©Denise Rodgers
All rights reserved.

Poem of the Week ~ Two Turkeys

Two Turkeys, a Thanksgiving poem by Denise Rodgers on

What would Thanksgiving be without a little family rivalry? My mother-in-law (of blessed memory) couldn't withstand the great prices and would bring a second turkey to our Thanksgiving each year, despite my protests. Believe it or not, I remember this fondly. This was the inspiration for this Two Turkey poem, one of my Thanksgiving Poem favorites. 

Poem of the Week ~ Cinquain Poem

A Cinquain Sunshine poem, the Poem of the Week by Denise Rodgers on

The Cinquain poem is a classroom favorite. It comes with enough instructions to help the budding poet put just the right words together. It has five lines ('cinq' is five in French), with lines containing 2-4-6-8-2 syllables per line. For more detail, consult our Cinquain poem page. For more fun, review the poems on this page. If it isn't fun, it isn't poetry!

Poem of the Week ~ There's a Poem

A poetry poem featured on the Poem of the Week page, by Denise Rodgers on

Sometimes a poet just has to write a poem about poetry. This poet writes a LOT of poems about poetry. In fact, there is a Poetry Poem  page on this site. This poem also is a good example of repetition in poetry as well. Yes, you can learn a lot from this poem (in a very easy way). But in the end we're all supposed to enjoy poetry. That's what i do every day -- and what I highly recommend!

Poem of the Week ~ Let's Eat Lunch,
a Haiku

A funny Haiku poem featured as Poem of the Week, by Denise Rodgers on

This week we are spotlighting the short, fun, and sometimes funny Haiku poem. This one goes from the sublime to the ordinary in the classic three-line, 5-7-5-syllable poem. The poems are supposed to use their short form to delight and surprise the reader. Check out our Haiku example page as well as the how to page for Haiku. 

Poem of the Week ~ Bert's Halloween

Bert's Halloween, a funny Halloween poem for kids by Denise Rodgers on

Just for fun I thought I'd write another Halloween poem to add to the Poem of the Week fun! Bert's Halloween came to mind and practically wrote itself. (That's what happens when you read and write poetry all the time. On a rare occasion, a poem "appears" and all you have to do is write it down.) This might be a good one to share with kids of all ages. Happy Halloween!

Poem of the Week ~ Ghost 2 Ghost

Ghost 2 Ghost, a funny Halloween poem for kids by Denise Rodgers on

It's October and time for all the ghosts and goblins to appear  on our door steps. Best of all, it's also time for lots and lots of candy! 

Poem of the Week ~A Note
to the Moth Who Ate My Sweater

A Note to the Moth Who Ate My Sweater, a poem by Denise Rodgers on

Moths are pretty harmless if you don't have wool sweaters or other clothing. This poem was inspired by my loss of a beautiful wool sweater rendered a holy mess by one very hungry moth. Go to Funny Rhyming Poems for more poems like this.

Poem of the Week ~ Autumn Trees

A poem about autumn trees by Denise Rodgers on

They don't last as long as the green, but wow! Autumn leaves are the best. Some are as pretty as flowers. in their gold, beige, red and orange. It's a gift we get from Mother Nature as summer slips away. Check out our other fall poems to share with the kids in your classroom. 

Poem of the Week ~ Scrappy September

September poem of the week by Denise Rodgers on

September may not be as grim as all that. As a matter of fact it's September at this very minute and the sun is shining. This poem was obviously a reflection of my perception of reality just last week. (But it is colder than last month here in Michigan.) That's  a fact.) Please enjoy this poem and all the fall and autumn poems on this site. 

Poem of the Week ~ Bookworm

Bookworm poem of the week by Denise Rodgers on

I love to see kids loving to read. Of course, reading is the first step to becoming a good writer. And we all want that for our students whether they be writing reports, stories, or poetry. 

Poem of the Week ~ Doodles!

DOODLES, a poem of the week by Denise Rodgers on

Have your students open their journals (or supply them with pencil and paper), allow them to doodle as well as write a poem. Give them the freedom and see what happens. Next time, assign a topic for a poem that can be completed with or without the doodles. If the good stuff comes, please feel free to share on our publish poems page on this site. Happy doodling!

Poem of the Week ~ 1st Day School

Butterflies on the first day of school. A poem by Denise Rodgers on

Have you ever felt those butterflies on your first day of school? I know I had them every year! Please enjoy the entire poem on our First Day of School poetry page

Poem of the Week ~ Eyebrows

Poem of the week about eyebrows by Denise Rodgers on

Have you ever noticed the confusing look given when one eyebrow doesn't seem to know what the other eyebrow is doing? This is a fun look at one of the very little mysteries of life. Please enjoy this week's poem. 

Poem of the Week  ~ Mosquitos

Mosquito poem by Denise Rodgers on

MOSQUITOS DON'T CARE is the poem of the week, and a very timely one as I have multiple bites on my arms, legs, and neck (which I hope are mosquitos).  Did you know that mosquitos use the blood they extract (suck) from your skin to make yet more mosquitos? I'm sure you'll agree that this just isn't fair! Please enjoy the poem. 

Poem of the Week  ~ Dandelions

The Dandelion Poem of the Week by Denise Rodgers on

This poem of the week is a tribute to the lowly dandelion. Did you know that dandelion root tea has many health benefits? It can detoxify your liver, clear your skin, and help with your general digestion. (Keep this in mind before you bring out the herbicide.) Dandelion leaves are also delish in salads, as long as you add the other goodies and a good salad dressing. Enjoy this poem of the week, and enjoy those dandelions!

Poem of the Week ~The Fourth of July

THE FOURTH OF JULY Poem of the Week by Denise Rodgers on

This poem of the week is a tribute to my favorite holiday. The Fourth of July is so casual and so much fun! 

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