Funny Kids Poems

I tend to write funny kids poems when I sit down to write for myself. It's been a long time since I was a kid, but maybe because I like to amuse myself, I'm always in search of everything funny. (Life isn't fun when you're too serious!)

Kids, being young humans who enjoy smiling and laughing, take humor at face value -- and don't try so hard to analyze and find "meaning" in a poem. It is with this goal in mind - making the kids with you (or the kid "within" you) smile and laugh, that I share the following funny kids' poetry.

The first poem is Tissue Box, If you like writing poems yourself, consider starting with a narrow topic such as this. It makes it easier to be specific - and write your poem!

Funny Kids Poem #1

Tissue Box
How many sneezes
and coughs and ker-chews?
How many nose wipes?
And tear drops?
A few.
How many damp wads
Get thrown in the basket?
The trash can, the waste pile?
The used-tissue casket?
How many wipes on your poor, drippy snout?
How many pulls till the box just runs out?
Who says it matters?
You run out, and then ..
You go to the store for a new box again.

by Denise Rodgers
Art by Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved

Funny Kids Poem #2

The second poem is Bee. This poem was inspired by a journal writing session, during which a bee came buzzing outside my window, banging repeatedly into my window screen. (Yay screen!)

A bee comes tapping at my screen,
Buzzing, bumping, sounding mean.
Bouncing, pushing, acting wired,
With no thought of getting tired.

I could say, 
“Dear bee, what is it?
Would you like to come and visit?”

But I feel his anger’s keen.
So I’m glad I have a screen!

by Denise Rodgers
Art by Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved

Funny Kids Poem #3

The next funny poem is Creative Ken. This one was inspired by my love of thick-pointed, black-ink pens. That is where most of my writing originates these days before it makes its way to my computer.

Creative Ken
Creative Ken
Got a brand new pen
All filled with dark black ink.
He started to write with all of his might
About everything he could think.

He wrote about moose
In the wild and set loose.
He wrote about merchants and kings.
He wrote about night
And he absense of light.
He wrote about so many things.

He wrote about Kansas, he wrote about Maine.
He wrote of the land and the sea.
He wrote every day
In his own special way
And he felt that his words set him free.

His pen kept on moving, his words never stopped
As he wrote about all that he knew.
“For as long as I’ve ink
I’ll write what I think
And I’ll never or ever be through.”

by Denise Rodgers
Art by Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved

Funny Kids Poem #4

The last of the funny poems (on this page at least) is Dandelion. It is inspired by my love of this much-maligned "flower." It's a shame we spend so much money (and despoil our environment) in an effort to destroy them each year!

A field of yellow on the green.
I think it makes a lovely scene. 
If not stopped, they sprout and grow.
I think it makes a lovely show.

So full and lush,
All you could need.
A shame to think
They’re called a weed.

by Denise Rodgers
Art by Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved

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