Very Funny Poems

You have reached the right place to find  your heart's content of very funny poems. After the first poem, check out links to even more funny poems!

Very Funny Poems
From your moment of birth
Through your time on this earth
Your feelings of mirth
Make you happy.

It rarely costs money
To read something funny,
Clever or punny,
Or sappy.

So, go ahead...laugh
About thing you find daff
Watching someone's odd gaff
All in rhyme.

Enjoy a quick read
At your own special speed.
Funny's just what you need
Every time!

by Denise Rodgers
Art by Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved

Short Funny Poems

While they're certainly not any easier to write, short funny poems are quicker to read! Check out this page of short poems to see if any tickle your funny bone!

Plain Old Funny Poems

They're not really plain, and not sure how old they are...but they 'are' funny. So read and enjoy this funny poem selection.

Funny Kids' Poems

Just about all the poems on this site are kid-friendly, even though I write them to amuse myself. Go figure, I guess I have a G-rated sense of humor. Enjoy these poems, whether you're a kid or a kid-at-heart.

Funny Rhyming Poems

Truth be told, most of my poems are rhyming poems, though it is a matter of opinion if they are funny. Enjoy these rhymes, and maybe i'll get to work and try and write some free verse for you... Nah, I like the rhymes!

Funny Food Poems

What can I say? I girl has to eat! Most of  us have food favorites. And whether or not these poems are about your favorite foods, (or, if in your opinion they are in fact "very funny poems) they are all in good taste. (Sorry , I couldn't help myself. Please excuse the pun.) These food poems are yours to enjoy!

Twisted Funny Poems

What would life be like without a little bit of odd? Boring! That's what it would be! Take a gander at these twisted funny poems, and let your weird out for a ride!

Funny Family Poems

What would we do without our family? In some cases, we don't know what to do 'with' them! But whether it's your parents, your siblings, your spouse or your kids (or cousins, uncles and aunts), family is a great proving ground for the creation of some very funny poems. Need to let off some steam? Have a blast with these funny family poems.

Funny Animal Poems

Animals are the simpler versions of ourselves. That's why we love having dogs and cats around the house. They are so much less complicated than humans. And funny. And then there are animals in the zoo, and out in the wild. Plenty of animal poems to read about here.

Funny School Poems

School is where our children go to work each day. It can be just as stressful for our kids at school as it is for us at work! That's why it's fun to see the lighter side with these funny school poems.

Funny Michigan Poems

Okay, most people aren't from Michigan, even if I am (and always have been). It's pretty here, even when we're not in the middle of a gray winter. (At least the snow is white.) But we have four of the five great lakes on our border, beautiful state parks, and a very rich history, starting with the Native Americans, who managed to live here without air conditioning. (Very brave indeed, pun intended.) If you're from Michigan, or if you're in the least bit interested in Michigan, check out these very funny poems!

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