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Funny Poem #1

The first of the funny poems on this page is Koo Koo Cow. 

Funny Poems for Kids - The KooKoo Cow

The KooKoo Cow
I love to go to the KooKoo Cow
Where the ice cream’s sweet, and I have to bow
And and give my thanks at the KooKoo shrine
For the taste of her food that is so divine.
There is cherry tart, and an almondine
And a crunchy nut and a toffy cream.
There’s a chocolate swirl and a custard pie
And a mousse so good it could make you cry.
Every ice cream scoop is both thick and bold
And so good to lick, while it’s firm and cold.
But the KooKoo Cow hasn’t much to say
And she stands stock-still the entire day.
I have not learned yet why she’s called KooKoo.
But my lucky guess is it rhymes with “Moo.”

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers
All rights reserved.


The story behind this funny poem: My husband and I used to take the kids to an ice cream parlor in Port Huron, Michigan, right near the Blue Water Bridge. The ice cream was amazing. But the best part was a larger-than-life 3D sculpture of a cow outside the dairy. For some reason, I dubbed it the Koo Koo Cow. And even though that wasn't the real name of the place, our boys would always ask if we could go to the Koo Koo Cow. I think it's actually a great name for an ice cream parlor - or for a funny poem!

Funny Poem #2

The next funny rhyme is Barefoot Bob. It is written about a man, Bob, who use to frequent my husband's wholesale business... barefoot. All year round. We live in Michigan. This is not a good idea unless you're fond of frostbite. The illustration shows Bob in a business suit. This is not accurate. The real Bob wears overalls. But I thought that Bob in a business suit was funnier, so I drew him that way. Consider it poetic license in an illustration.

Funny Poems for kids: Barefoot Bob

Barefoot Bob
Barefoot Bob is debonair
And dresses up with utmost care
With not one hair found out of place,
And not one whisker on his face.
And so it’s odd to see him choose
To never wear his socks or shoes.

Wherever Barefoot Bobby goes,
If you look down, you’ll see his toes.
From overalls to suit and tie,
You’ll see his toes.
Don’t ask him why.
But if you put him on the spot,
His answer is “My shoes are hot!
In summertime, with all that heat,
I cannot bear to choke my feet.”
Does winter snow make Bobby wince?
“Oh no, I like to see my prints.”
He is no slouch and is no slob.
He’s airfoot, fairfoot Barefoot Bob.

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers
All rights reserved.


Funny Poem #3

The next funny poem is Visiting the Sphinx. This poem is in honor of my friend's husband. She refers to him as "the sphinx" because he is a good listener -- and repeats nothing. Not a bad quality in a person. And very rare.

Funny Poems for kids: The Sphinx

Visiting the Sphinx
Mervin Melvin Martin Minx
Went abroad to see the sphinx.
All his life he thought he’d try it,
But he found the sphinx too quiet.

He shouted out, “Oh how-de-do?
Hello, Grand Sphinx, and how are you?”
He listened close, but what he heard
Was silent wind and not a word.

He stamped his foot, said, “What a bore!
Yes, I have heard Niagara roar.
I have heard Grand Canyon loud,
With echoes of the tourist crowd,
And I have heard the yodelers’ yelps
All across the snowy Alps.

Yes I have heard and seen it all
From loud Big Ben -- to China’s Wall.”
He turned his back, and heaved a sigh.
The silent sphinx mouthed out “Good-bye.”

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers
All rights reserved.


Funny Poem #4

The fourth and last poem on this page is Journeyman. I think (not sure) this one was about my son who planned to live in Israel, California, and then New York -- only to move to Chicago. Now we're delighted that he's back in bustling metro Detroit, along with his New-York born wife and Detroit-born son.

Funny Poems for kids: Journeyman

He tried to find his way to fun
And trekked to Katmandu.
And got so disappointed.
(there was not much there to do).

He flew straight to Seattle
But he didn’t like the rain.
He skipped the climb up Mt Rainier
(as it might cause him pain).

He hopped a bus to Memphis
For a Southern Blue Grass fling,
But soon was on his way again.
(He really couldn’t sing.)

He fled south to Miami
To lay out in the sun
But he forgot his sunscreen
And his sunburn wasn’t fun.

He drove his car to Reno
Where he thought he’d test his luck
His luck was on vacation
As he left with just one buck.

He thought a bit of England,
And of Italy and Rome
But he ran out of money
So he made his way back home.

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers
Copyright©Denise Rodgers
All rights reserved.


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