The Thunderstorm

by Jinyu N., 8yr old
(Fayetteville, AR)

The clouds have gathered dark,
to put natures greatest show.
A thunderstorm with light and sound,
and raindrops plopping to the ground.
She takes a seat were view is best,
at a picture that faces west.
She smiles and think how snug and dry,
she'll stay as the storm pass by.
Just now she see's the lightning flash,
and listens for the thunder crash!
She watches a tree dance with the wind,
that blows its leaves and shakes its limbs.
As more dark clouds keep rolling by,
some fiery bolts lit up the sky.
As thunder booms, and raindrops fall,
She happily sits and watch it all!

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Dec 10, 2023
by: Leo

Great job!

Dec 10, 2023
The Thunderstorm
by: Denise

What a lovely poem, Jinyu! And this at 8 years old! Thank you for sharing with And keep on writing!

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