The Northern Lights

by Henry Y.

Flares of colours splash the sky
The colours, penetrating the tourist's eyes
They are the northern lights
Nature's beauty and might

These colours, across the sky they dance
Impressive enough, you're in a trance
The vibrant display, with nature as the artist
Night sky as the canvas, sure the smartest

But this beautiful sight starts to fade
So maybe we should bade
Farewell to this wonderful display
Some nights it would come back, maybe it may

But still, it's not the end
You should probably comprehend
The winking stars are still in the sky
Not as vibrant,but not as shy

But still,the stars are a wonderful sight
Whi knows what it might excite
A walking river of people flock
Down to the nearest star-observations block

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Oct 26, 2023
Wow! From: Emery NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m stunned by this work- it’s really well curated and delivers such a beautiful expression. Good job to you :D

Oct 26, 2023
The Northern Lights
by: Denise

Wonderful use of imagery, along with rhyme and rhythm. Well done! If I were you I'd keep on writing! - Denise

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