The end of an eternal friendship by Aarna P

by Aarna P.
(Gurgaon, Haryana, India )

Blinded by greed, we can no longer see,
The parched lake, and the withered tree,
Their eternal friendship meets a miserable end,
A painful saga of two best friends.

The story began eons ago,
Through heat, storms, rains and snow,
Stirred with care and compassion,
Immersed in kindness and passion.

The tree would admire itself in the crystal waters,
Inhabited by joyful flamingos, and playful otters,
The lake would excitedly chatter for long hours,
While splashing the tree and the sunflowers.

Graciously, the bountiful lake fed the tree,
Whilst the tree was a home to a swamp of bees,
Calmly, the lake slept under the tree’s shadow,
And, the winds rendered a lullaby with a blow.

The lake’s beauty is amplified by the moonlight,
And, the resplendent green tree shines so bright,
Wearing the blanket of water, the fishes play hide and seek,
And, the parrot on the tree carries twigs in its beak.

With no inkling that their paradise would crush,
Their existence will be erased with a stroke of a brush,
Along came a human with an axe in his hand,
To create ravage in their heavenly land.

He chopped down the tree, and polluted the lake,
Hunted the fishes, and cooked a steak,
The morbid animals began to flee,
Leaving alone the lake and the tree.

Their towering friendship came toppling down,
Buried in the grounds of the beautiful town.

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Jun 14, 2023
Another Poem by Aarna
by: Denise

Well done, Aarna! You are a poet. Keep on writing!

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