Stranger's Smile

by Binita

Came out of the house
Walked on the roadside,
Her long straight hair
All neatly tied.

Wearing her smile that
She could never hide,
Smile is her precious jewel
Smile is her pride.

Everyone she met
she would greet,
Everyone would say
"You are so sweet".

Her smile which
Is very bright,
Would make everyone's
Days and heart light.

One little boy came
And asked her,
"Who are you? How
Your smile's soft like fur".

With her sweet smile
Replied she,
"For a good smile
A good heart is what you need

Smiling to everyone
Saying "good morning",
Makes their day bright
It gives you wings.

Wings by which
You can fly to the sky,
Sky that teach us to
Keep our hopes high.

Smiling to everyone
Gives you happiness,
Being able to smile freely
Is a true bless.

Coming to the last question
Who am I?
That's not important
Keep smiling bye".

Saying this, the mystery lady
Suddenly disappeared,
Her influence on the boy
To everyone came clear.

He start the day with a smile
Greeting everyone,
Behind this happiness
There is only one.

He wonder always while
Walking down that isle
Who was that lady
With a beautiful smile.

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Dec 27, 2023
Stranger's Smile
by: Denise

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful poem, Stranger's Smile. Please keep on writing!

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