by Salman B.

The world forces us not to believe,
Forces us that it doesn’t exist.
Comes up with theories that saddens our heart,
Theories that Someday doesn’t exist.
But we still believe.
Some call us brave,
Others call us stupid.
But we believe,
Someday is a day,
Just not today.

Those who’ve never had a Someday,
Which is most of the world these days.
And those who don’t believe in a Someday,
Those are the people I pity most.
Someday is a day,
Just not today.

For a Someday is our hope,
That maybe there will be a day,
That doesn’t listen to the laws of unfairness,
And injustice.
A day that listens to the greatest of our desires.
A day that acknowledges that we exist,
That our thoughts matter.
Our lives matter,
Our voices matter.
Someday is a day,
Just not today.

But if we believe that Someday will come to us,
We must be among the weak and useless.
For we have hope which is a strong power,
But we can’t just believe it will fall into our hands.
That’s not what hoping is for,
For life is not a finished jigsaw,
We have to pick up the pieces and make it ourselves.
Someday is a day,
And we’ll make it today.

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May 29, 2024
Someday is now!
by: Denise

This is a very thoughtful poem. Thank you for sharing! Please keep on writing!!!

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