by Emlyn H.
(Burgess Hill, UK)

I've always been very small for my age, its not a thing I particularly like
It makes it difficult you see, when I run, reeeeeach or try to ride my bike

"The best things come in small packages!" Is what mum always says to me
But I don't believe her, just look around... a giraffe, a skyscrapper, a tree

I try to grow, really I do!  At night I stretch and strain
But when I wake, I'm just as small, but tonight I'll try again

"When you are older, you will be tall." My dad says to reassure
But I cant wait that long for  tallness, so shortness I guess, I must endure 

Being small is not all bad, it can be rather fun
I'm brilliant at hide and seek! Im hiding now.....shhhh I've almost won!

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Apr 09, 2024
by: Denise

Hi Emlyn,
Did you know that I'm not very tall? Just 5 feet, 1 inch. (My husband is 6 feet tall.) When I was your age, I wanted to grow taller than my older sister, but I never did. But you know what? I'm perfectly happy being me. What you do with your life is much more important than how much space you take up!

All that said, I really like your poem. I hope you write more -- and share again.
All best, Denise

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