I Got Scared

by Manoneet K.
(Berlin, Germany)

I found a mouse in my house,
I got scared
I found a rat on my hat,
I got scared
Sssshhhhh be quite!
There is sleeping cat under the blue mat,
I goooot ssssccccaaaarrrreeeed!!! Mmmmeeeeooowww
Our teacher brought cheetah to the Kita,
Everyone got scared
Once I ate chopped fish on my Swedish dish
I don’t like fish..... diiiiiissssggguusttiiinnnnggg,
I ggggggoootttt sscccaaarrreeeddd
But when I uncared,
I never got scared.

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Oct 04, 2023

by: Denise

Manoneet, I believe you've discovered the key to overcoming fear...just don't care! This is a fun poem. Please keep on writing -- and thanks for sharing! - Denise

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