by Rachel
(Yubei District, Chongqing, China)

The golden retriever had cheerful bright eyes and a jolly nose,
and his fur looked like a mellow durian,
so we named him “Durian”.
He jumped at me when I first met him.
I cuddled him in return—
he seemed so enthusiastic and positive.
I took him for a walk every single day,
and played with him when I finished my homework— I loved him.
my sister did not
get along with him,
and she got bit
by him.
The next day,
with the grey clouds
hovering over my head,
I walked home from school.
When I stopped at the door,
all was quiet,
not even
a single noise.
I opened the door, full of trepidation. There was no sign of Durian.
He was gone.
“I sent him away,” my mother said, “because he’s such a bother.”
I bursted into tears.
Tears poured down my face,
like rain pouring down on a roof.
I sat behind a dimly lit table,
and wept.
Please, Durian, be safe.

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Apr 25, 2021
Lovely sad poem
by: Denise

Thanks for sharing your heartfelt poem with us at ClassroomPoems.com. - Denise

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