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Enjoy Poetry! What to do when you're stuck at home.Issue #004- -
March 31, 2020

Enjoy Poetry ~ What to do when you're stuck at home!

I know what it's like to be stuck in the house with kids. When they were sick, when it was school "vacation" time, but we weren't going on vacation... so I get it! And I have some suggestions. Get online and read some funny poems with your kids! I put these up, along with my museum-quality art (okay, with my doodles) for your enjoyment. aloud. And enjoy!

Either click here or on the picture below for a page of funny pet poems.


If you go to Paris, you must take a scoop

and watch where you step so you won't step in poop.

There are dogs on the sidewalks, the side streets and more;

dogs at the bake shop and grocery store.

There are dogs in the cafes, asleep by the tables,

and happy dogs pictured on grocery labels.

There are dogs in the bookshops, and dogs in the park,

dogs in the daytime, and dogs in the dark;

dogs getting ice cream and eating French bread,

(not like my dog who eats dog food instead.)

So if you go to Paris and like dogs an oodle,

then have a good time, but watch out for the doodle!

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers

Copyright┬ęDenise Rodgers


Word Play ~ The next fun choice!

Here is another totally free way to have fun with your kids. Play with words. Unless your child is a poetry prodigy (there are some!) don't make this a lesson. Make it fun. No need to write a poem, just enjoy the way you can take those (totally free) words and make a game with them. So get our some paper and pencils, or just talk out loud, and see what happens. Go to Alliteration Examples or click on the picture below to get started.

Publish your kids' poems here!

If your good clean fun leads to a poem, share it on my site. Yes, there is a page for it. If you like, you can even upload an illustration. I'd love it! Here is the place: Publish Student Poems Here!

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