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Poems by Denise Rodgers

This is the place for students and emerging poets to publish poems! If you are a teacher or a home-school parent, this is the place to put your students' poems out into the real world. Give your student(s) the chance to feature their very best work. Not all submissions will be published. So please make certain your students send only their best work!

You may send one poem -- or as many as you'd like. Please include:
* Student First Name (and optional last initial)
* Age or Grade Level and School Name
* City and State (or if out of US, location information)
* If the poem was an award winner, please include this information.
* If you are sending multiple poems, please enter one poem per entry form.
* For more information, please CONTACT me.

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Poems by Other Students

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The Blissful Dream 
I listen to the music touch my soul And playing it is my goal. Oh, to hear it pass through my ears And to feel it wipe away my fears. The story …

Life on the Front 
I stood in a trench, riddled with fear For the heartbeat of men, you could almost hear The roar of tanks were loud and clear The roar of tanks was …

Grand Slam 
Swish, Swoosh, Pow, Bam! That’s the sound of a grand slam As the pitch was thrown The crowds were like statues of stone, The softball was coming in …

You were my best friend, My best buddy until the end. I remember how we would play, Running, fetching, having fun all day. I didn’t want you to go, …

Elegy for Donuts 
I’m very sorry You were perfectly shaped Perfectly iced in glaze Your sprinkles lay on top My stomach was growling But lunch was in another hour …

Hunger is like the jealous peacocks showing off their feathers, Just to attempt to find what they desire Hunger is like the living form of a dragon, …

I Wish I Could Fly 
Sometimes I wish I could fly But if I tried, I might die, I could build some wings and jump off a building But the experiment would be so chilling, …

There once was a kid named Claire She saw a hare Spent all her money On the little bunny And she brought it to her lair

I Prefer Chocolate Cake 
Once it was a sunny day I went to the park to play Ran to home base Got a pie in the face! This could’ve been a better day!

"NOTHING MUCH FOR MINORS" Minors are those less than eighteen, As they don't have knowledge in keen. They don't have a driving licence, As don't …

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