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April is Poetry Month! Poems to read and publish on
April 16, 2020

Publish Kids' Poems on!

Did you know that you can post kids poems on This is a fun way to have a poetry lesson at home -- and have the lesson finish with a poem published online. If your child/student is so inclined, they can also upload a drawing or other illustration. Click on the meme above, or right here. to get to our portal for poetry submission.

Please send your poet's very best work! I do scan for appropriate content. I'm looking forward to reading all your young poets' poems!

Read Some Acrostic Poems for Practice


crostics are poems that begin with a title.

The use of each letter per line is so vital.

Challenging writers to work at their best

Still, poems should be fun, more a pleasure than test.

Rise to the challenge. Add an image or two;

A red cackling bird or a boat gliding through.

Ordinary words can be startling and crisp.

Like red-yellow lightening or, a dog with a lisp.

Start out each line with the title-name's letter.

Rhyme the next line and the poem's even better.

Triteness is boring, so try to dig deep.

You don't want your reader to nod off and sleep.

Inside are the answers to all of your Qs,

So, start writing down all the don'ts and the do's.

Crazy acrostics are one way to start.

Writing good poems is both fun -- and an art!

Poem and Art by Denise Rodgers

Copyright © Denise Rodgers


Your acrostics do not need to be so complicated! Just write the title down on the page like this:




And then get to work filling in the lines. It's simple and easy...and it creates poetry! For more information and examples, either click on the picture above, or go to the acrostics page.

The important thing is to get your writer started, to get your writer writing. If he or she feels adventurous, then you can encourage the rhyming lines. This should be an adventure in fun. If your young writer is an artist as well, snap a photo of their illustration with your cell and send that over with the poem. You will see how on our publishing page.

One more thing...

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All best, Denise Rodgers

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