Greeting Card Poems

It seems we all have a never-ending need for greeting card poems. The year sails by so quickly. You find these poems online and add the sentiment to your own, home-made card. They are yours for personal use. For republication or any commercial use, please see our permissions page.

Whether you are celebrating a Birthday or Anniversary or letting your loved ones know you're thinking of them at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father' Day, or Graduation, you know you are touching their hearts.

Below is a complete list of special Greeting Card Poems available on this site:

Birthday Greeting Cards

Don't we all want to feel special on our birthday. Whether we're nine or ninety-nine, it's nice when someone goes to the trouble of buying a birthday card...or better yet, constructing a card along with a special birthday rhyme chosen especially for them

Mother's Day Cards

We all owe so much to our moms! They deserve to be pampered every day. While we all know that's not about to happen, the least we can do is let Mom know she's special on her birthday (see above) and on Mother's Day in May! 

Father's Day Greeting Cards

My mother-in-law used to say that if it wasn't for fathers, there wouldn't be any mothers. She might have been right. But our dads deserve credit for much more than making Mother's Day possible. Choose from a nice selection of Father's Day poems and make one of them your own.

Graduation Greeting Cards

We all like to celebrate accomplishment and achievement. When your special person, be it a son, daughter, a spouse, or even your parent or a friend, graduates, honor them with a special Graduation Poem.

Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is one of those wonderful holidays. It's all about family, and all about the food. This is a great time to remember friends and family who live out of town with a special Thanksgiving Poem written into a letter or card.

Christmas Greeting Card Poems

Christmas is an especially meaningful holiday for people, whether it is about deep religious feelings, or even just about enjoying family traditions. Check out our selection of  and choose your favorite to share.

Valentine's Day Card Poems

Once a religious holiday, Valentine's Day has become the holiday for romantics. Whether you're dating someone new, or you've been married for thirty years, nothing says "i love you" like a handwritten note expressing your feelings. Flowers and chocolates don't hurt either!

Thank You Greeting Card Poems

People are kind to us all year long. How nice to return that kindness with a Thank You card poem, copied and sent in a hand-made card or letter. 

Wedding Card Poems

With some luck, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. Look through the poems on this page and choose the wedding card poem that has the sentiment you like to share with the special couple.

Anniversary Card Poems

Whether you are celebrating your own anniversary, or congratulating special friends or family members on theirs, an Anniversary Greeting Card poem is a lovely personal touch.

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