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Funny Poem Weekly, Issue #001 -- Bookworm Poem!
March 15, 2011

And welcome to the premiere issue of Funny Poem Weekly! This poem was inspired by my trip to my local library. I love the hushed sound, the smell of the books, the magazines, as well as the panoramic view out the second story window. A little bit of noodling led to the point of view of a bookworm. Please enjoy!

For those of your with text-only e-mail, here is the text of the poem. (Sorry, for the lack of an illustration in text only!)

If I were just a bookworm,
then I'd spend my time on pages
reading all the printed words
by humorists and sages.

I'd take my nap upon the stacks
and rest upon a letter,
and just the closeness of the words
would make me feel much better.

When I'd awake, wide-eyed, refreshed
with all the rest I need,
I'd slither off straight down the page
because I love to read.

by Denise Rodgers
All rights reserved

Please stay tuned to your email box for a new funny poem next week.
All the best,
Denise Rodgers

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